The state of the wardrobe
Tuesday, March 04, 2008
My closet is in need of another clean out this month. The majority of my work shirts are entirely too big, and considering that a button down white tailored shirt is a staple of my work wardrobe, that's something that needs to be remedied. (My best friend thinks I need to stop wearing white button down shirts so damn much but whatever, it works.) (Of course, she just gave me an adorable black shirt dress that I cannot wait to wear this summer so I guess maybe she knows what she's talking about.)

I just passed off two batches of bras to a friend of mine; none of them were more than 6 months old and none of them fit me for more than 3 months at a time, and her boobs are growing at an amazing pace since she's currently gestating my newest adopted niece or nephew so she was in desperate need of bigger bras. Our boobs are inversely proportionate right now; mine shrink at the same rate that hers are growing. Although really, mine haven't shrunk as much as they could have, much to my husband's relief. The latest round of bras are 36DDs, which I currently keep very full but I figure by next month, the fullness will give way to a perfect fit. They are impossibly tiny and only have TWO HOOKS. I haven't worn a bra with two hooks since I was 16. (When I announced this little fact at support group last night, the other women all laughed and cheered; only other fat women understand the significance of bras with 2 hooks after years of bras with 4 hooks.)

I'm firmly into a size 18 on the bottom; some 18s are a little smidge too big, but the Levi's I bought the other night without trying them on fit perfectly. And they are low-rise! Never in a million years have I ever considered jeans that were low rise, but amazingly enough, as it's shrunk, my ass has totally dropped down enough that now the low rise jeans fit pretty much perfectly. The annoying thing is that I am pretty much a 14/16 on top so yeah, kinda pear shaped these days. Okay, REALLY pear shaped. I'm hoping that the running that I finally picked back up this week will work these thighs of mine out.

Anyway, I've reached a point where I can grab a pair of XL workout pants off the rack and not try them on and know that they're going to fit, which is super fantastic. I haven't stepped into a Lane Bryant since December (when I needed to buy some Spanx and bras), and I don't think I will need to ever again since I was able to find bras and undies at a department store this week. It's both crazy and weird that already, even though I have another 50 or 60 pounds to lose, I'm normal in a way I haven't been for years. I can walk into a mall with my skinny friends and buy lingerie from the same store as them, I can go to Target and buy the adorable spring dresses that my friends are wearing, I can run into any department store and grab some workout clothes or jeans without having to try them all on first.

I have to admit that this part is pretty damn awesome. Definitely helps balance out all the scary moments.


Blogger Annaliese said...

Melinda...I just wanted to say that I think you should be so proud...this is got to be so hard and I so admire you for being able to be so honest and do the hard work that you're doing. I've been trying to keep up with you since our weddings...but I hadn't saved an email for you. I didn't realized you had a blog until I stumbled upon it today. But I just wanted to say that 8-). Wannabecorin

Anonymous Sybil said...

How exciting! I loved reading your latest blog. It is so encouraging to read about your progress. I'm at a point too whee I am nearly out of clothes that fit and it's one of the best feelings in the world.

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