Remembering where I came from
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I think I am supposed to have something profound and deep and wise to say today. I think I am supposed to talk about some giant epiphany that I have had since that wacky summer day last year when I was wheeled into a cold operating room to have my guts rearranged. Or maybe I am supposed to talk about the monumental changes that have happened, the kinds of changes that rock you to your core and make everything Better! and Different! and Awesome!

But you know, other than that whole "Oh wow, I have an eating disorder or two"moment, this year hasn't been full of drastic, dramatic changes. It's been a year of slow and subtle and gradual changes. It's been a year of shifting my perspective, of changing my habits and my priorities.

If I had to describe it to someone, I would simply say "I was there, and now I am here. And next year I'll be somewhere different."

I weighed 317 pounds when I started the process of getting approved for surgery.

I weighed 299 pounds last year on the day I had my surgery.

I weighed 198.3 this morning, and there are 58 inches less of me taking up space on this planet.

I was there, and now I am here.

One Year, Front View

One Year, Side View

One Year, Back View


Blogger Meghan said...

That was so much more interesting and fun to read that the typical one-year "I'm a beautiful butterfly!" speech. :)

I was there and now I'm here. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous lisa-marie said...

WOW! What an amazing transformation! Great job, Mel!

Anonymous Poppy said...

Melinda - you look beautiful!
PS - Thanks for befriending me on Facebook!

Blogger Kim said...

I created the Yahoo Group. I am calling the incomplete cycle complete. You inspire me, and I think in real life I would ask you out for coffee or take a big long bike ride through UCSD (my undergrad). So come find me and we'll have a real convo, yeah? Please please please? Much love to you.

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